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Using Our Senses

At Childfirst Welbeck we promote sensory play which can help children to solve problems using their senses. Research has shown that children’s cognitive skills develop better with art, music and motor skills and we have lots on offer to engage their imaginations and explore their senses.


We have lots of materials for children to explore their creative sides with, and our beautiful art room is a firm favourite. Here our young artists can develop their motor skills and create some of the best masterpieces we have ever seen. Each day we make our own play dough which we can add lots of natural materials to for exploring different scents, textures and colours.


We love music, and we are often throwing a disco with our piano and drum sets. Singing is an important part of our day, and in Pre-school we all learn our handwashing song together to make sure that we stay safe throughout the day.


We also have our very own fire pit, where the children can sit together with our staff and enjoy the smell of a real fire in our safe environment. 

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