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Learning Through Play

Throughout our indoor and outdoor spaces we have open-ended resources to encourage imaginative and interactive play. It is well documented that play is one of the best ways of learning and we know that positive early years experiences allow children’s brains to form new connections and help overall development.


At Childfirst Welbeck we are passionate about learning through play, and our unique space offers the perfect opportunity for children to play and explore in fun and engaging ways. This could be through designing and constructing in our sand and water play area, getting messy with clay, slime and foam or getting muddy and creative in our mud café using wacky ingredients (our mud pie is one of the very best)!


Our outdoor space allows children to push their imaginations further, providing them with fresh air and plenty of space to free play. They are able to explore and play in the beautiful willow house, experiment with and investigate movement with trickling water and pipes, pots and pans or ride around on trikes and bikes with their friends to burn off some of that energy!

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