Welbeck Child First is committed to continuous improvements and, while there are a number of training opportunities for the staff teams, it is important that some of this are not carried out in the evenings and weekends so that we can Involve the whole team.


As part of this programme, Welbeck Child First has allocated five ‘working days’ when staff will be required to carry out essential training including first aid. Please note that these training days are payable at your usual daily rate and sessions in lieu cannot be arranged.


We hope you will recognise the importance of this to improve our services to you and the children and thank you for your support.

2022 Dates

Monday 7th Feb

Tuesday 26th April

Wednesday 29th June

Thursday 6th Oct

Friday 23th Dec

Nursery Fee's

Please contact us to discuss our nursery fee's on (01909) 530 932 or drop us an email to welbeckmanager@childfirstwelbeck.co.uk

We appreciate everyone's circumstances are different and some parents only need a few hours care whilst others require a full week. We want to offer full transparency when it comes to our nursery fee's so we recommend the best solution is to contact us so we can make sure we understand your requirements clearly.

Information regarding our Covid policy can be viewed here.
Please be aware we have 5 staff training dates each year.
Last updated January 2021