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What Makes Us Unique

Set in the heart of the beautiful Welbeck estate and close to Worksop, our stunning nursery offers an idyllic setting for children to explore and develop. It is a wonderful opportunity for children to be children – to investigate, laugh, invent and be whoever they want to be.

Caring for children from three months to five years old, we have a range of areas for them to play, learn, examine, and enjoy themselves.

Children are greeted by the smell of freshly baked bread and fresh food (all locally sourced) prepared and cooked by our amazing onsite chef. The children are also able to cook, either in the mud kitchen or with the chef within the nursery kitchen.

Jackson, Mabel, Robin and Patsy (our resident chickens) lay fresh eggs every day for the children to collect. The children love visiting and feeding the rabbits and guinea pigs within the nursery grounds too.

All In A Days Play

Weekly yoga sessions are held at Child First for the children to relax and learn new skills, whilst having fun and using their imagination.

Piano, drums, recorders and maracas can be heard once you step outside into the front garden and walk over to the outdoor music lodge. Children use their imagination to create songs, perform or just to listen. This gives them plenty of opportunity to develop their social skills and communication.

The outdoor art studio is an amazing place for the children to develop their creativity and imagination whether it’s painting to music, bubble wrap painting, stone painting or drawing portraits.

Unique Spaces and Experiences

The baby garden is a wonderful enclosed space for the babies and toddlers to free flow inside and out. It has a sand and water tray, swing, fresh herbs to investigate and explore their senses, and a cosy area to have a sleep.

Children have access to the sensory room where they can sit and relax and enjoy the calming environment or read a story with their friends and enjoy the twinkling, sensory lighting.

Find out more about each space by following the tab labelled “Spaces”.

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